For over a decade, Charlotte has been home to fantastic, award-winning craft breweries. The homegrown breweries of Charlotte recognize that this heritage and distinction brings with it a significant commitment to our community, the environment and alcohol responsibility. Through upholding these ideals, Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance (CIBA) members are positive contributors to the Queen City.


Thriving local breweries provide an inexplicable feeling of community pride and belonging. The CLT region’s homegrown breweries and cideries are vital gathering places, often located in neighborhoods revitalized their presence. Consistent donors to local non-profits, employers of local craftsmen and more, CIBA member’s locally-produced beverages create a virtuous investment cycle — over 90 cents of every dollar spent on CIBA beer remains in North Carolina.

Many CIBA members are also members of other organizations, like the Charlotte Regional Visitors Association, Charlotte Chamber, Hospitality & Tourism Alliance, etc., that promote the region and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

“Environmental Stewardship”

CIBA’s industry is dependent on natural resources. From stream cleanups to buying materials from sustainable suppliers, CIBA members demonstrate and encourage environmental stewardship in the CLT region that benefits our patrons and employees. Our goal is for #cltbeer to foster environmental responsibility and sustainability for generations to come.


We all agree that beer, along with cider, can be a better source of connection and enjoyment when consumed responsibly. CIBA members, with the help of Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE), play an active role in public safety by supporting programs that work to prevent underage drinking and impaired driving.

CLT Beer Facts

  • CIBA members donated over $500,000 worth of cash, product and event space to charities and non-profits in 2017.
  • CIBA members support 500+ local vendors.
  • CIBA members help sustain NC agriculture by utilizing hundreds of thousands of pounds of local grains, hops, fruits and vegetables in their brews.
  • Fifteen local farms feed their livestock with spent grain from CIBA members.
  • In 2017, CIBA members paid over $2,000,000 in Federal, State, County & City taxes.
  • Charlotte Regional Visitors Association surveying of tourists to CLT concludes that 60% of visitors agree or strongly agree that Charlotte is a great city for local, craft brews.

Combined, CIBA members make up about 2% of the CLT beer market – which shows the power of Big Beer (AB In-Bev, MolsenCoors, Heiniken & Corona) and how many millions of barrels Big Beer sells in Charlotte and the surrounding area each year. CIBA’s goal is to chip away at Big Beer’s strangle-hold on CLT in order to create increased economic growth in the CLT region. As you saw above, CIBA breweries contribute to tourism, local trades and farming, philanthropies, and taxes. Imagine how big those contributions can grow if CIBA can successfully educate consumers as to the benefits of truly local beer and grow our manufacturing businesses!

** Data from internal surveys and Charlotte Regional Visitors Association data


  • Why should I support a brewery founded in, and whose primary manufacturing options are based in, the Charlotte metro region, instead of a non-local brewery?

    3 Reasons to Support your local CIBA brewer:

    1. When beer is made and purchased here, 90 cents of every dollar remains in North Carolina and gets reinvested into the community through wages, local vendors, taxes, capital improvements, etc. By drinking local, you keep more wealth at home.
    2. What do we want as Charlotteans – to purchase beer from breweries that create local jobs or to purchase from breweries that send money to distant regions? When you buy local beer instead of mass-produced beer, you employ your neighbors in good-paying manufacturing and service jobs – not people on the other side of the world at large, foreign beer conglomerates.
    3. Breweries are vital community gathering spots. Breweries are where family, friends, charities, government groups, business professionals, and others can relax, drink and discuss. Breweries are where people celebrate weddings, engagements, birthdays and babies. Breweries donate thousands of dollars to community organizations.

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