CIBA Brewed Weekend – CIBA Brewed Awards

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Saturday is all about the CIBA Brewed Awards! The awards ceremony will be taking place at Pinhouse in Plaza Midwood at 12pm. Consumers are invited to attend the awards ceremony, and vote on a “people’s choice award” throughout the day of the event. This is a one of a kind event, and Pinhouse will have some of Charlotte’s best beer on tap that day!

Beers on draft that day will be CIBA Brewed Awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners.

The categories are outlined below:  (10 categories – 5 divisions and 2 subcategories


  • Pale Ale- IPA
  • Hazy- NEIP


  • Golden- Amer/Brown
  • Wheat/RYE


  • Lager
  • Sour-Brett/Mix Culture

Wild Card Category

  • Fruit
  • Local Grain


  • Barrel Aged
  • Alternative
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