Why should you support a brewery founded in, and whose primary manufacturing options are based in, the Charlotte metro region instead of a non-local brewery?

3 Reasons to Support your local Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance brewer and the Charlotte beer market:

  1. When beer is made and purchased here, 90 cents of every dollar remains in North Carolina and gets reinvested into the community through wages, local vendors, taxes, capital improvements, etc. By drinking local, you keep more wealth at home.
  2. What do we want as Charlotteans – to purchase beer from breweries that create local jobs or to purchase from breweries that send money to distant regions? When you buy a brew from the Charlotte beer market instead of mass-produced beer, you employ your neighbors in good-paying manufacturing and service jobs – not people on the other side of the world at large, foreign beer conglomerates.
  3. Breweries are vital community gathering spots. Breweries are where family, friends, charities, government groups, business professionals, and others can relax, drink and discuss. Breweries are where people celebrate weddings, engagements, birthdays and babies. Breweries donate thousands of dollars to community organizations.

Who do I contact with questions, or about advertising or sponsorships?

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