• Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance (CIBA) members donated over $500,000 worth of cash, product and event space to charities and non-profits in 2017.
  • CIBA members support 500+ local vendors.
  • CIBA members help sustain NC agriculture by utilizing hundreds of thousands of pounds of local grains, hops, fruits and vegetables in their brews.
  • Fifteen local farms feed their livestock with spent grain from CIBA members.
  • In 2017, Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance members paid over $2,000,000 in Federal, State, County & City taxes.
  • Charlotte Regional Visitors Association surveying of tourists to Charlotte concludes that 60% of visitors agree or strongly agree that Charlotte is a great city for local, craft brews.

Combined, CIBA members make up about 2% of the Charlotte beer market – which shows the power of Big Beer (AB In-Bev, MolsenCoors, Heiniken & Corona) and how many millions of barrels Big Beer sells in Charlotte and the surrounding area each year. CIBA’s goal is to chip away at Big Beer’s strangle-hold on Charlotte in order to create increased economic growth in the Charlotte region. As you saw above, CIBA breweries contribute to tourism, local trades and farming, philanthropies, and taxes. Imagine how big those contributions can grow if the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance can successfully educate consumers as to the benefits of truly local beer and grow our manufacturing businesses!

** Data from internal surveys and Charlotte Regional Visitors Association data

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